Website Design and Development

Representing your business online via a website is one of the smartest and most important marketing tools you will make for your business. Hence your business needs a website. But to make it work to its potential, it needs professional web design and development.

Why Hire Professional Web Developers

With the advent of the internet, from year to year, its usage has been increasing exponentially. More people turn online as it is the easiest and most accessible source of information.

Google alone processes 3.5 Billion searches every day. Will you be left out and miss the potential to get leads?

Hence, you should jump into this huge potential with a website that is professional, with the elements to make it fast and robust.

To further highlight the importance of a professionally done website,  check out your other options.

A Website vs Other Forms of Marketing

A Website vs a Facebook Page

This is the biggest mistake of most business owners – thinking that a Facebook page is enough.

Here are the reasons why you should never settle your business’s online presence with a Facebook page:

Facebook can decide to shut down your Business Page anytime.

It is Facebook’s discretion. And if they decide to, there is nothing you can do. Facebook’s algorithm is complex and any violation can result in a total shut down.

Many business owners would get surprised that one day, their Business Page is gone. Website Design and Development

This is like building your home on someone else’s piece of land.  You can get thrown off anytime.

A website on the other hand, is yours, you can be flexible with how you present your business

With a Facebook page, there is limited flexibility with what you can do.

To maximize your online potential, a website can be optimized to rank in Google for terms related to your business – with Facebook, you practically cannot do this. This will be discussed more in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

And after all, ranking in Google is what matters.

With a Facebook page, there are too many distractions, competitors included.

Let’s say a Facebook user searches for you in Facebook. Good perhaps?

Except that Facebook will also show your competitor on the right side:

Website Design and Development

With just a Facebook page, you are striking out customers who are not in it.

Remember that those who search in Google are customers with buying intent, as compared to those who just chanced upon your business in Facebook.

Having a website adds further professionalism.

Having a website builds trust, and shows you are serious with your business.

To build your online reputation, start it right with a professionally done website.

DIY Websites

There are a lot of advertisements for a do-it-yourself website. Sadly many fall for it and it is not that easy to make an optimized website. It will have negative implications on your business.

  1. The right structure
  2. The user experience
  3. Page Loading Speed

These are among the common problems encountered with a website when one tries to build a website without hiring a professional website developer.

The Elements of a Professionally Done Website

When you hire a professional website developer, your online image starts on the right foot. This is because important elements in a good website are all taken into account. So what are they?

Page Loading Speed

If a potential customer finds your website but takes more than 2 seconds to load, the website visitor might just decide to leave your site.

With a professional website developer, page loading is taken into account and they know how to make page loading faster.

A Good Layout for Easy Navigation

The layout must be clean and easy to navigate for a great user experience. It must be clear and all elements and tabs neatly organized.


Website Design and Development

Mobile devices have long taken the desktop when searching on the net. Sixty-six (66%) per cent of all internet users do so via mobile.

Hence if you want to gain more website visits, your website must be able to fit neatly in all types of devices and resolutions. Professional web developers can optimize your site for any device.

High-Quality Media

Your media, whether videos or images, must be of high-quality, high resolution without compromising page speed.

Most business owners who try to build their websites themselves load high-resolution media without optimizing them, resulting in big files that drags down loading speed.

Professional website developers know how to use high-resolution media that are not heavy.

Great Hosting

For your website to work properly, it must have the right hosting. Unfortunately, business owners who are not well-informed about this tend to get those frequently-advertised, cheap webhosting service.

Not all webhosting requirements are the same from webstite to website. It depends on the business’s needs.

With a bad hosting, your website can slow down or worse, shut down when you overuse resources and you have high disk space requirements.

A professional web developer will know which hosting your website needs according to your business.

Trust For Your Professional Website Development and Design

Website Design and Development

At, we know all the elements to develop a fully optimized website with all these important elements.

We shall take into account the nature of your business and your website needs to have a website that will be the start of your online business success.

After discussing with us your requirements, we will build a site that is powerful, robust, and responsive.  That way, your business is properly and optimally represented online and you start off on the right foot.

Have a professionally done website by us and you are off on a good start in terms of generating leads and capturing business opportunities online.