Websites for Small Businesses

Putting up a business these days can be as challenging as they are rewarding. With the internet, there are better and faster ways to market and promote your business. The key is how to take advantage of these channels to achieve your business goals. And one of your most important tools is to have a website for your business.


Websites for Small Businesses a Must

Prior to the advent of the internet, business owners would rely on foot traffic for customers.

Thanks to modern technology that is constantly evolving, business owners can have a wider reach in terms of customer sources.

The internet lets potential customers discover your business. To achieve that, there is Google (as well as other search engines), Social Media, Marketplaces to name a few.

But how can a potential client learn about your products and/or services?

With this, your business needs a website, the online representation of your brick-and-mortar store.

And this is what can do for local businesses – to build a website that showcases all of the client’s products and/or services.


The Impact of a Website on Your Local Business

A business, no matter how big or small, needs to have a strong online presence if they want to capture new customers. No business is ever too small to have a website.

In fact, local businesses will benefit immensely from having one.

And we at are experts in building a website that truly responds to your needs and resonates with your business goals.

Having a website enables customers to find you, and we shall ensure that it caters to your locale, and to your specific branding and/or image.

With your own website, it also adds a professional image and lets you compete with the big players.

It is 24/7 accessible information for potential clients; in fact, depending on the nature of your business, it can also generate 24/7 sales for you.


The Common Mistake of Start-ups

1)Relying on a Facebook Page

One very common mistake of startups is settling with just a Facebook page or social media accounts. No matter how small the business you are starting, it will always be beneficial to start with your own website.


A website is yours is fully customizable according to your needs

Do you need an online reservation and payment system? An email marketing set in place? We can do all the customization to suit your requirements.

We can even set the ground for it to rank high in Google search via our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service.

With just a Facebook page, there are a lot of limitations that will not enable you to maximize your potential. And on a really bad day, you might even lose your Facebook page.


Your website lets you compete with the big players

Having your own website puts you at par with the other local players, putting you an equal footing with them. It shows you are a serious business owner and this builds customer trust.


You have the customer’s attention all to yourself

We will build a website that engages customers and shows them all of your products and services.

A Facebook page, on the other hand, presents too many distractions, and your potential customers can get easily distracted away from your business.


Get long term results with your website

Having a website is like your business’s home online. As your online presence via your website is established, so is your customer following.

Furthermore, with a website, you can get in-depth metrics via Google Analytics and hence, you can put data-driven marketing strategies in place.


2)Relying on Marketplaces

Marketplaces are sites where you can join and your business gets represented there along with others in your niche.

While sites like that are popular, and thus, easy traffic for your listing, so are your competitors. 

The result? You cannot promote your listing because your customers might discover your competitors instead.

Besides, it is like being in an apartment. Your presence is only as good as you are a member of that site, but once you cease to be, so does your online presence. You have not established your business online.

Neither can you do everything you want when in such marketplaces.  You have limitations on the media you can upload, neither can you boost your business to rank in Google.


Your Website via

We at are as passionate as you are about your business. That is why the website we will build for you can be suited to local searches by catering to your clientele’s needs.

With the competition getting tougher every day, you need to strengthen your presence ahead of your competitors. And this we can start for you by building for your business a website that is powerful, robust, and mobile responsive.

While we will listen to what you envision for your site, we will also suggest features that, based on our experience, will help achieve your business goals faster. For example:

  1. An online scheduling and reservation for any type of service. That way, you capture the leads online.
  2. An online payment gateway. This secures the sale on the spot.
  3. A chat facility. Having a chat facility helps as there have been instances that a customer is one question away from a sale.

These are just some of the features that we can suggest for your site to monetize it and generate sales on the spot. Plus many other customizations features that you cannot achieve in a marketplace or a Facebook page.

For further convenience for you as a busy business owner, we also have options for website management, ranging from site maintenance to content update.  You can entrust us to handle your website so that you can focus on the more important matters of your business.

Contact today so we can start planning your highly-optimized website.