Importance Of Having Blogs


Blogs should be hosted on your business website for many reasons. It drives online traffic, improves relationships with your customers, and helps boost sales.

However, many are still apprehensive to start a blog. A lot of business owners are wary of the time, effort, and resources needed for this continuous task.


Whether you are a small business or operating on a much larger scale, here are the reasons why you need to have blogs for your website.

  • Builds your reputation as a field expert
  • Helps you gain the trust and confidence of customers
  • Generates leads and potential customers
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Crucial to the success of your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts

Having said that, you cannot just write anything. You need a blog with interesting and quality content to keep attracting readers.

Moreover, we want to emphasize that your website needs a blog that is written for SEO.


The ultimate goal of every website owner is to appear on the first page of Google search results. However, Google has a very tricky algorithm and it considers a lot of factors in ranking a website.

Experts know that every part of your website must be optimized for SEO, and this includes your blogs.

More Site Visitors

Customers put great value on a site that gives them useful information. Adding fresh content regularly on your blog updates your website. You need to use optimized keywords that your target audience may find relevant.

More Inbound Links

Inbound links, or backlinks, are links to your content that are coming from another website. A website with high inbound links may rank higher in SERPs, especially if coming from high ranking, credible sites. One way of getting backlinks from these websites is if you have quality blog posts.

More Indexed Pages

After crawling into your website, Google may decide to index your page if it meets the criteria. In short, only indexed pages show up in Google search results.

Every blog post is an opportunity to be added to the Google index. Thus, the more indexed pages a website has, the higher its chances of ranking better.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is one way of linking content from other pages of the same website or domain. By doing this, you get more authority from Google. It also makes people stay on your website longer by showing them other valuable content.


We understand that this task needs technical expertise. We can do the following blog writing services for your website to improve.

1. Optimize existing and new blogs

We can transform your existing blogs into SEO friendly formats. This can be done by reviewing all existing blog posts and fixing them one by one.

SEO Analysis

We shall analyze your blogs using SEO Checker tools. After seeing the reports, we shall correct errors and make improvements to the actual blog post.

This may include tweaking the meta description, revamping the structure, and better use of headings and subheadings.

Use Google Analytics

We will create a Google Analytics account for you to get in-depth information on both the most popular and least visited blogs on your website. Using this data, we can update your content better.

With Google Search Console, we can track and analyze existing keywords. If there is a better keyword, we shall tweak the blog content to match the new keyword.i

2. Post quality content

Needless to say, a blog post should only feature quality and reliable content. It also needs to be interesting and relatable. Our services include research for topic selection and keyword targeting.


There are various types of articles that can be posted on your blog. How do you choose a topic that your target audience will like? How will you make readers click-through your website?

The answer is by doing comprehensive research. Data from Google Analytics report will show us the demographics of your existing readers. We can analyze what kind of content appeals to them the most.

To attract more readers, we will also use keyword research tools to analyze which keywords actually work best. For example, we like choosing keywords with high search volume and low SEO difficulty.

We shall also explore the use of long-tail keywords. These are keyword searches that are longer than usual because they are very specific. If long-tail keywords fit your audience demographics, there is a high possibility of ranking better.

Competitor Analysis

SEO competitors extend from your actual business rivals to those that rank on the first page of Google.

Understanding and identifying major competitors will give us major insights. With this data, we can try to surpass them on keyword rankings and improve overall blog content.

No to Plagiarism

Here at, we can write all kinds of articles about any topic you can think of. With our proven expertise, we can assure you that content is unique and not plagiarized.

3. Blog Maintenance

We shall handle all concerns relating to the maintenance of your blog.

Consistency and Frequency of Posting

For a website to rank higher, blogs should be engaging and always up to date. More importantly, you need to be consistent with how often you publish new content as this affects how customers perceive you as a business.

We shall follow a frequent blogging schedule as part of our services.

Page Load Speed

Fast loading pages prevent initial visitors from leaving. More visitors means more leads for future clients.

We shall make sure that all blog pages will load speedily by optimizing images, using caching tools, and changing some site elements.


Blogging helps you connect with your audience. It is a good venue to show what you can offer to your target customers.

Keep in mind that blogs need to be optimized for SEO to help make your website rank higher. This also means you have to post quality content regularly.

As your partner, offers our best writing talent and technical expertise. You don’t need to worry anymore so can use your time in other important activities. Contact us today.