SEO for Electricians

Ignite More Growth for Your Business with SEO for Electricians by Certified SEO Experts.

With SEO for Electricians, a local service contractor like you can land more jobs by acquiring better leads. You can produce better leads by being on the top search engine indexed list.

Let Vancouver SEO, a full-service digital marketing and SEO company help you reach the top search results when people look for electrical contractors online.

If your site isn’t in the top 3 search engine indexed list when somebody Googles “electricians in Vancouver” or “electricians near me” you’re missing out on more leads, job bookings, and growth for your business.

Around 97 % of prospective customers go online to discover service contractors who live within the same area or city. Moreover, 93 % of online engagements start with Google and other search engines.

On the first page of the search results, 55 % of searchers click on the links of the top 3 results.


Many people look online for products and services

An ever-increasing number of people are on the web using their mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. Thus, your electrical repair business ought to show up on the web as your future clients spend the majority of their time online.


Search Engine Optimization helps your business or electrical services website keep up with the competition.

Vancouver is the biggest city in British Columbia with a populace of around 603,502. Sure enough, that is an enormous number of potential clients for your business.

Even so, you are competing with 307 electricians and electrical service contractors in Vancouver, BC.

SEO for Electricians can enable your business to keep up with the competition.


Ultimate Guide to SEO for Electricians

Generating leads for your business with electrician SEO can be extremely competitive. A solid SEO scheme is needed if you want your business to keep with the competition.

The first step in generating leads is by creating a website for your business. However, more work is required than simply having a Google maps listing and a Facebook page.

The following guidelines help SEO experts identify which section of your site requires improvement with regards to SEO for Electricians.


A carefully laid out Electrician SEO Plan

The success of an electrician SEO strategy depends on the preparation. Before anything else, experts will conduct an SEO audit or assessment on a website.

An assessment will help SEO experts discover:

how your site’s present SEO is doing
what your competitors are doing
the sections of your site that are performing better than the sites of your competitors
the necessary actions needed for your site to stay ahead

Well-Optimised SEO content for your site

Your website can boost its search engine rankings when it is optimised properly. An SEO for Electricians campaign is effective with proper execution.

However, your website’s SEO campaign won’t be enough if your site doesn’t have an optimised content. Consequently, it is crucial that you’re site has useful, informative, and valuable content that benefits your visitors.

Many electrical service contractors find On-Page Optimization stressful. They don’t know how to get their clients on the web. In addition, they don’t have the tools and capabilities to execute internet marketing and SEO on their own.

Vancouver SEO is a full-service digital marketing and SEO agency with 50 years experience in the marketing business. We have all the tools and expertise to help your business grow and keep it ahead of the competition.


Schema Markup integration to your site

Most electrical services contractors are not applying Schema markup on their sites. They either don’t know what it’s for or they don’t know it exists at all.

Schema markup is an optional code that can be integrated into a site’s current code. It is a markup code made for search engine spider bots or web crawlers. With this code, Google and other search engines can easily figure out what a certain website is all about.

A Schema markup-powered website will always stand out from the rest on the search results. Search engines will display additional information about that website such as:

  • name of the business

  • where the business is located

  • customer reviews and star ratings

  • the hours and days when the business is open

  • phone numbers
    and so on…


A better backlink profile

Local SEO is vital for electrical services contractors who need to get found on the web. This is an SEO strategy that helps a service contractor website effectively get found by the people living inside that city or region.

Likewise, building backlinks is an important tactic that experts consider as one of the ranking factors in SEO. Still, this is also another stressful task for electrical services contractors to carry out.

Service contractors should only focus on their business and leave the hassles of building backlinks to a digital marketing company.

Use of local listings and citation sites

The primary goal behind electrician SEO is to create more leads particularly inside the city or region where electrical services contractors are found.

Website owners benefit from using local listings and citation sites. These online platforms help businesses get found locally by their potential customers.

Some of these platforms are:
Bing Places
Google My Business and

Quality reviews that earn the trust of potential clients

In most cases, potential customers usually look at what other customers are saying about a particular business. They always look for reviews to guide them with their decision to buy an item or hire a contractor.

A Facebook business page

As more and more people are on Facebook to connect with family and friends, they are also using the platform to find products and services online.

But most website owners aren’t aware of this opportunity which makes this social media platform the most under-utilised marketing tool.

A Facebook business page can:

  • generate more quality leads

  • boost a website’s search visibility

  • interact with clients

  • get customer reviews and best of all

  • showcase the images of successfully completed jobs KNOWS the electrical services business and we know exactly how to help our clients get more bookings on jobs by generating better leads.

We have helped electricians and other services contractors rank higher in the search engines with our tools and certified SEO professionals.

Want more leads to your business with SEO for Electricians?

Connect with us now and talk to our SEO team.
At Vancouver SEO, we focus on growing your electrical services business by keeping it ABOVE your competitors.


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