Advertisements on Twitter

Advertisements on Twitter

When it comes to social media campaigns, brands usually advertise thru Facebook and Instagram. However, Twitter Ads are easily becoming powerful tools in engaging with consumers. In fact, about 330 million people are active on Twitter monthly.


Why Invest in Paid Twitter Ads

People use Twitter to know what’s happening – that is, the latest news and trends. Of course, the topics are various and endless.

Twitter confirms that over 500 million Tweets are being sent each day. The platform also redefined its user experience by showing the most relevant Tweets first, based on its system.

With so much indirect competition, how do you send your message to target consumers?

Many businesses choose to promote content using paid Twitter Ads. This way, brands are sure to increase awareness and interactions with the right people.

According to the latest report, engagements from Twitter ads continue to increase. This reflects positive results for advertisers.

Twitter also lets you reach consumers not just based on demographics, but also by keyword targeting. You will be able to connect to people based on words recently searched or tweeted.

Moreover, Twitter lets you track ads performance thru Twitter Analytics. You will know the actual results – the number of impressions, engagements, and conversions.


Kinds of Twitter Ads

Do you want to launch a new product? Do you want customers to know that you have a new office? Here are ways to promote it on Twitter to let people start talking.


Promoted Tweets

Advertisers can promote any tweet to existing followers or even to non-followers. Of course, these tweets are labeled as Promoted to mark the distinction.

Brands usually promote tweets to send a message, offer a deal, or to relevant at keyword searches. Promoted Tweets encourage interaction because these can be liked, retweeted, and replied to by anyone.

It is also common for businesses to use Promoted Tweets with a Website Card or an App Card. These are designed to increase traffic on websites or to encourage users to download an application by clicking on the card.


Promoted Accounts

Advertisers use Promoted Accounts campaign to increase their following. Accounts will be suggested to people who might find them interesting based on likes, keyword searches, or location.


Promoted Trends

If you are on Twitter, chances are, you go to the Trending List to check the latest. Although labeled as Promoted, the exposure that advertisers get from this will be huge.

If the Promoted Trend is fun and interesting, many people will join the conversation. This works great for brand awareness or activity promotions.


How to Get Started on Twitter Ads

Step 1: Sign up for a Twitter Ads Account

Before anything, make sure that you have a business account. While logged in under your business account, sign up for an Ads Account by going to You will be asked to verify your country and time zone.


Step 2: Select your objectives

Decide on what you really want to achieve with this channel. You need a solid understanding of your social media goals.

Twitter will ask you to choose from the following objectives:

  • Awareness. You want to maximize your reach or the number of people who will see your promoted tweet.

  • Tweet Engagements. You want to get more likes, retweets, and replies to a certain tweet.

  • Followers. You are building your social media presence. You want more people to follow your account to make it look strong and legitimate.

  • Website Clicks. You want people to visit your website.

  • App Installs. You want to promote your mobile app and hopefully get more downloads.

  • App Re-Engagements. You want existing users to open their installed applications.

  • Promoted Video Views. You want to maximize the number of views for a certain video or GIF.

  • In-stream Video Views. You are pairing your videos with Twitter’s premium content. Great for brand recall and awareness.


Step 3: Create your Ad group

Once you select an objective, Twitter will aid you in creating your campaign. You will be asked to set your budget, daily and total, as well as how long you want the ad to run.

Next, decide on the bid type. Automatic Bid means that you are letting Twitter maximize results at the lowest possible price. You may also manage the amounts by choosing other bid options like Target Cost and Maximum Bid.


Step 4: Define your audience

This is one of the most important aspects of the campaign. You have to specify your target audience, their demographics, location, and other features.

If you don’t have specific parameters, Twitter automatically tailors your campaign to reach the most relevant audience.


Step 5: Choose your creatives

Twitter will ask you to choose from your existing tweets or to create a new one specifically for promotion. You will select where you want your Promoted Tweet to appear.

That’s it. You are now ready to launch your campaign!


Expert Tips

Focus on one objective at a time. If you want to introduce yourself to the market, you may consider getting more followers first. After gaining a solid following, you may proceed to your next goal.

Offer limited deals and promotions. This is one way of catching user attention and making them act right away. An urgent situation definitely calls for immediate action.

Know when to promote. Take advantage of big national events when people are most likely using Twitter to get updates or share something. This will give you the maximum exposure possible.


What We Offer

Twitter ads are indeed useful for many reasons. It is so easy to create and launch a marketing campaign with Twitter. However, you need to have a good plan for it to be effective.

This is where enter. We can help you get started, find your voice, and resonate with your audience.

To meet your objectives and get maximum results from Twitter Ads, we will come up with a well-thought marketing plan.

We will make sure to produce engaging campaigns with high-quality images, videos, and GIFs if needed.

You can count on to properly manage and execute our plans. Contact us today to know more.