Powerful Web Hosting

Web hosting is the process of providing the space and technology needed to make your website go live and running on the internet. Choosing the right web host provider for your site is as crucial as selecting your physical office location. It has to meet the online needs of your business.


There are a lot of web host providers available that offer different features and services. Here are some elements that you need to consider in evaluating what is going to work best for your website.

Cost of Web Hosting

As a business owner, you want to find the best value for your money. While you can certainly go with the cheapest offer you could find, it is not always wise to do so. Remember to choose a reliable service that offers the features your site specifically need.

The Right Features

When choosing your host, look closely at the amount of storage and bandwidth, domain accounts, backup and security features, as well as updated technology. Note that you may not need all advanced features, so make sure to study it well.

There are also different types of web hosting. These are Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and Dedicated hosting. You must know the pros and cons of each type.

Customer Support

Finding a reliable provider with great customer support should be one of your key deciding factors. In case of emergency, nothing is more calming than being able to get the help of your web hosting provider at once. Choose a provider that offers 24/7 availability to its customers.


There are huge site benefits from professional web hosting, but let us first discuss what could go wrong if you choose an unreliable provider.

Low SEO ranking. When Google site crawlers examine your website and find out that it is down every so often, your SEO ranking might get low. Moreover, SEO ranking may also be affected when your web host provider fails to give your site a fast-loading speed.

Loss of potential customers. With low SEO ranking, fewer people will be able to see your website. With low site visibility comes the loss of possible leads and customers. This ultimately defeats the purpose of having a website, which is to generate higher revenues for the business.

Limited Support. Some host providers are not as responsive as they have promised. Even worse, some could not actually resolve the problems right away. When your site becomes down for several days, you lose potential sales.

The right web hosting service for your site

As a professional digital marketing agency, we know the elements of a successful website. We have evaluated a lot of host providers using advanced tools, and we guarantee to find the best fit for your site. We always look at the following details.

Value for money. In most cases, you get the products and services that you pay for. However, the most expensive offer is not always the best option. The right assessment on what features your website actually needs will help you get the right host provider at the best price.

Excellent reputation. Some offers are too good to be true. That is why we believe only in reputable providers. Through feedbacks and reviews, we can easily know what to expect about their performances.

Site maintenance

It is no secret that maintaining a website is a difficult task. You need constant monitoring and technical expertise. Professionals can easily manage the business website for you.

Simply put, you may need expert help for the following reasons:

  1. To save time
  2. To save yourself from hassle and worries
  3. For automatic site updates (software and other features)


We aim to help you achieve your goals without worrying. Our team of trained professionals has years of experience in web hosting and site maintenance. Here are the things you can expect from our services.

Platform Support

A lot of business websites happily choose WordPress as their platform because it is easy to use and manage. The good news is that we are WordPress experts. We know how to increase page speed, as well as optimize your website using available plugins.

Do not worry if you prefer a different platform because we have teams that offer support for other website builders. If you choose to switch platforms, we can happily assist you with our migration services.


We prioritize customer support, so you may contact us at any time of the day. We are happy to assist you with our expertise and we hope to be able to resolve any problems that may come up as fast as possible.

Server Reliability

We understand that when a website goes down, your business suffers. We do not want to lose your trust, so we assure you that we will use a reliable server. As a reputable digital marketing agency, we do not use Shared hosting for all our clients.

Security and Backup

Your website houses important data, and we do not want these to be stolen or hacked. We adhere to the best safety protocols to prevent possible cyber attacks.

Our services also include regular scans to detect and remove malware. In addition, we believe in the importance of automatic and regular backup routine in case of data loss.


How much hosting bandwidth do you actually need for your website? The right answer depends on your site’s average page size and the average number of visitors. We will make sure that your website is scalable and will have enough data storage and bandwidth capacity to operate fast and full.

Advanced Technology

As experts, we use advanced technology. If we host your website, we will automatically implement software and application updates to help improve site performance.


Here at Vancouverseo.net, your satisfaction is our priority. Each business is unique and has its own site requirements. We offer different hosting services depending on your goals and budget.

In any plan you choose, we are happy to provide you with free website migration services. We can also give training about web hosting features applicable to your site.

Let Vancouverseo.net host your website. Contact us today and let us discuss more.