Adding Effective Images To Your Website


As a business owner, you can’t take choosing pictures and visuals for granted. Images bring life to a website. Even more, presenting the right images can effectively communicate the brand to your audience.


Many large corporations spend a lot of their thinking process in the selection of imagery. From the color and shape of the logo to the symbolism and purpose it represents, everything is being carefully considered. This is because images speak directly to the audience.

The same consideration should be given when designing your website. One of the most important tasks is finding the right visuals. Images need to be attractive enough to catch attention, but they should also be able to convey a message.


Here at, we believe that website images are very helpful in SEO. In fact, Google can actually read images.

Here are the major reasons why image optimization should be a priority.

Websites with images enhance the viewer experience.

Users might think poorly of plain websites with only text as content.

Displaying professional images on your site builds the perception of being trustworthy and credible. Because of this, people might actually stay longer at the site.

Images are being indexed in Google.

This means that image clicks can be a source of traffic for your website. Just by optimizing the photos, you can actually promote website content free and organically.

Images can be a source of backlinks.

You can get useful backlinks from other credible websites if you have original images such as infographics. Social media shares also provide a great avenue for backlinking to your website.

This boosts your website rankings so it is important to make sure that images have proper tags or hyperlink embedments.


The use of images should be done very carefully. The number of indexed images has grown to over ten billion. Take note, however, that not all images are being indexed by Google.

Image optimization involves a lot of steps. Our professional services include making sure that your image is unique and high quality. We shall also aid Google in indexing your images by following proper SEO rules.

Moreover, sourcing should not be entrusted to just anyone due to copyright laws. Image copyright violation is a serious issue and one that should never be taken for granted. Professionals know how to use images properly so you can avoid the risk of illegal posting.


Our main goal is to increase the number of website clicks from existing images. As part of our effort to optimize existing and new images on your site, we will do the following:

Submit a sitemap

If you have not yet submitted a site map, we will help you to not miss out on this important task. By submitting a site map, Google will be able to crawl on your site content and images.

Alternatively, we can also use URL inspection tool to index individual pages from your site.

Use Google Search Console

This is necessary to check if all your sitemap images are indeed indexed in Google. If not, we will be taking action. We want to show Google that the images on your website are credible and worthy enough to appear in searches.

Reduce the size of images

We want your site to load fast to aid user experience. If your image sizes are too big, we will use tools to compress them without reducing quality.

Find the right file type

As experts, we understand the differences between JPG, PNG, and GIF. Site content may include different kinds of images, such as photos and graphics, and we know which file type to use.

Use keywords in your filename

Users may not be able to see your filename, but Google uses this to analyze context and information when crawling in your site.

Use Alt Text

Google can analyze the text of uploaded images if tagged properly. We will make sure that all images in your site have the right alt text.

This is also very helpful to users when images fail to load or if they have visual impairments. The text provides a description of images, so it is important to use the right keywords. Remember, tags must be short, descriptive, and specific.

Stock Photos vs. Original Photos

It is tempting to use stock photos for practical reasons. You save on time and money while getting professional quality images. One downside is the photos may be too generic and worse, users may find the same image in your competitor’s site.

The scenario above will not happen if you choose to upload original photos. In addition, if you have unique and original images, it will be easier to earn inbound links from credible sites.

Incorporate infographics and other media

Infographics turn complicated text information into easily digestible graphics. It is a very effective and engaging tool in digital marketing, especially if made shareable. Infographics also provide an opportunity to get more inbound links to your site.

We can also incorporate other engaging media like high-quality posters, banners, GIFs, and videos on your site.

Implement schema markup

Schema markup, or structured data, is the code you put on your site to help search engines understand images and content better. This is a highly technical job, but one that is very beneficial to your SEO. As experts, can automate this process for you.

Use Reverse Image Search

Through this, we will be able to track who is using your images without consent. Our focus would be identifying websites with authority and asking them for backlinks to your site.


We understand how important it is for websites to rank in Google. Paying attention to images you upload is part of the holistic approach to improve SEO.

With our professional services, you don’t need to worry anymore. Contact us if you need help with your website design as well as image optimization.