Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most important yet cost-efficient digital marketing strategies for a business is Search Engine Optimization SEO). Every business should include this in the marketing plan.

Simply put, SEO is a combination of elements within one’s website and outside of it to make the website rank for the relevant keywords. 

Having a solid, powerful, and responsive website is never enough. It is a good foundation, but now to take your website to the next level, you need SEO.

Why Ranking in Google’s First Page is Important 

The usage of the internet as the main source of information continues to grow exponentially. In fact, Google alone processes 3.5 Billion searches daily. 

Based on studies, only websites that land on the first page of Google search results (Search Engine Results Page or SERP) do get 90-100% of the clients. Meaning, if you are on the second page (or lower) of Google, you will most likely never get leads. 

This graph shows that the first rank in the search results gets 42.3% of the clicks, rank 2 gets 11.9%, and down the line all the way to the 10th or the last entry on the first page.

We at know the importance of ranking fully well. And, equally as important, we are aware of the elements to make a webpage rank.

This we accomplish by using the most sophisticated SEO tools to give our client all the important information to make the client’s website rank by looking at all the SEO factors.

What Makes a Website Rank 

To rank for search terms related to your business,  one needs to know what factors make a website rank. And there are over Onpage 200 factors.  That is overwhelming for any business owner.

Aside from this long list of SEO factors to look into, there are also factors outside of your website (Offpage) that affect your ranking. This includes how your competitors are performing, how many websites are referring back to you (backlinks) and more.

Not to mention, there is local SEO. This is how to rank well for businesses for a specific area.

How can you, as a business owner, keep up? and our SEO Services

We understand the importance of ranking your website for your market. With our SEO services, here are what we will do:

1)Optimize Your New/Existing Website

With our knowledge of all these Onsite, Onpage SEO factors, we shall implement them on your site so that your website is optimised, to begin with.

Keyword Research

We shall do extensive and advanced keyword research so that we can use these to start optimising each of your important pages for indexing in Google. This includes keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

Quality Content for Every Page

Google loves valuable content. It is an observation in studies that well-structured and extensive content tend to rank in Google. 

This shows that longer and more informative content(word count) tends to rank. And combine that with regular content, Google will see your site as one that is constantly updated with good information.

This is part of our SEO service, to update your website with good quality content. That way, Google will see your business as an expert, which will improve your ranking.

Check Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves checking that your site can be crawled by search engines, most notably Google. Without it, how can Google even know what your content is about?

Aside from crawling, there are other factors involved in Technical SEO which will perform on your site to lay as a good base for ranking.

Set Up Local SEO

All businesses in a specific location would want to be searchable ahead of their competitors. And Google has several considerations as well when pulling up results for local searches for businesses. This is “Google My Business” to be specific.

Setting up your business for local SEO will not be your problem with our services. This includes monitoring your ranking in your specific location.

Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics (GA) is a very powerful tool for any website owner. It will tell you exactly where your traffic is coming from, the demographics of your website visitors, even the device they use to find your site!

These are just a few of many other details that GA can provide.

With GA, you can also set up goals that you want to achieve for your business and how your target audience is engaging. Again, this might be information overload for any business owner.

We at will set up your GA account as well and give you monthly update in an easily digestible report.

Google Search Console is another valuable tool that tests the crawlability of each page, test your specific pages and more. It is also where a website’s sitemap is submitted to Google, and this is very important.

Here is why.

When you submit your sitemap to Google – and assuming it did not detect any problem – every time a new page or post is published on your site, it triggers Google. Google then visits your site, and this helps greatly in indexing your pages faster.

2)Check Your Website’s Onpage Issues Via SEO Tools

SEO Tools will be able to determine any issues that are affecting your site’s ranking. A healthy website score is the goal and this should be a monthly, ongoing process if you want to stay on top of your game.

There will also be other monthly information provided, to include

  • Keyword Ranking and Positioning
  • Top Pages
  • Backlink Report (the number of websites that are referring back to your site) – a ranking factor

3)Competitive Analysis

Who are your competitors? How are they doing and what are the keywords they are ranking for? What are their top pages? 

Knowing these details will help you overcome competition and this is part of the SEO report we shall give to you.

Final Words

SEO is a comprehensive task that is at the same time, the most cost-efficient digital marketing strategy as it lets you rank organically. This is also the most long-term in effect.

Trust to provide you with a comprehensive SEO service. Contact us today.

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