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Grow Your Business with Instagram Ads

Instagram: Social Media Giant

Instagram is a powerful marketing platform for businesses. With the use of Instagram ads and the right strategy, you can grow your brand and reach your target audience.

Since the time it started, Instagram has been a success, and has continued to grow exponentially over the years. As of June 2018, there are 1 billion active Instagram users monthly, and this continues to grow compared to other social media platforms. Imagine that this number also translates to activities such as comments, likes, and posts.

Statistics show that 60% of users find and discover new products on the platform. 70% are more likely to buy a product online. Your audience is on Instagram, and most probably, so are your competitors. can help you get on Instagram.


Successful Campaigns on Instagram

Have you ever seen a business with a million followers and wondered how they did it? Have you ever thought about how they can make one post gather 50,000 likes?

Oreo is one of the brands with 1.6 million followers. One of their most important campaigns was run through Instagram ads. The goal was to generate leads by encouraging users to sign up for online mini challenges to win a prize.

The brand recognized the importance of using ads in Instagram Stories, and this helped them greatly with their promotion. Oreo achieved great results and lower cost per lead.

On its 50th anniversary, Gatorade wanted to celebrate its milestone and reintroduce an old campaign from 23 years ago. The brand ran the campaign on Instagram ads, used highly visual materials, and featured its most famous endorser, the iconic Michael Jordan.

It encouraged high engagement by inviting people to share their own photos using the hashtag #BeLikeMike. The campaign effectively increased performance in ad recall.


How to Start on Instagram

Like the previously mentioned brands, it is also possible for your business to follow in their footsteps and to be successful using Instagram ads. The following are basic but important points on how to market your brand.


Set your goal.

What do you exactly want to accomplish on your campaign? Do you intend to spread brand awareness? Having a marketing objective is crucial.

This will help make sure that you are on track. It will also help you set and measure your key performance indicators.


Plan and produce your content.

You have to plan your visuals and posts. This is also to make sure that it is consistent with your brand image and message. A poorly curated profile will appear very obvious and look haphazard to your audience.

Poor planning can be costly, you might miss opportunities such as gaining followers or making a sale. Your profile should resonate with your target audience. Our digital marketing professionals at can help you with your content.


Engage with your followers.

Creating a visually-appealing profile is not enough. Engaging with your followers or audience is a great way to grow your brand.

Communicating actively to your audience either through comments reply or direct message will help you build relationships and retain them. This will also make them feel like your brand is not online to do hard-selling. Users value actions and content that feels genuine and builds trust.


Instagram Ads: How It Can Help Grow Your Business

Aside from huge base of users, Instagram has higher engagement rates compared to other platforms of social networks. There are different advantages to promoting your business with Instagram ads.


You can increase brand presence.

You already know that Instagram has 1 billion active users every month. Did you know that 80% of users follow a business on social media? Additionally, millions of followers actively visit business profiles everyday.


You can target a specific audience.

With Instagram ads, you can set parameters to target a specific set of users. This is to help ensure that you’re getting your message across to your intended audience or niche market.


Results are measurable.

You can track your number of followers, likes, and comments. You can measure how you’re performing to see what works and what doesn’t. This can help you fine tune your marketing strategy.


How To be Successful with Instagram Ads

Instagram provides you all the tools you need to help grow your brand. One thing is for sure, a lot of your target audience is already there.

At, we recognize the importance of investing time and effort to promote your business in order to achieve the best results.

  • We can help you prepare, plan, and execute the marketing campaign that you want to launch. A campaign without a clear goal is meaningless and costly. Our dedicated team can create well-crafted Instagram ads.

  • Consistency pays off. Not just in branding your content, but also in posting. Uploading content regularly on your profile may consume time, but our team can help you with this.

  • It may be tempting to just keep posting and boosting, but keep in mind that this can potentially harm your business, cost you money and resources.

  • It is important to study your audience. These include researching and knowing when is the best day and time to post.

  • Interaction with your audience is important. They like to feel that there is an actual human being behind that profile, but be careful not to spam either.

  • Building a strategy is very important. Aside from getting your brand discovered, you also want to be able to convert traffic into sales.

  • Data analytics is a great tool to assess the performance of your campaign. We at are data-driven, and we care about your success.

  • Understand that growing your business with Instagram ads doesn’t happen overnight. With our team and commitment, your brand can surely achieve success. and Our Services


Before launching any campaign, you already know that preparation and research are extremely important. With our extensive experience and training, we can help you assess your business and get started with Instagram ads.



Our tools and expertise can help you formulate a solid Instagram strategy. Additionally, we do our research on demographics, specialized niche, and trends.


Content Creation

Our creative team specializes in creating content for your brand that is consistent with your voice and style.



We know how important engagement is for business growth. We will help you build opportunities where your audience can interact to form insights that will make your Instagram ads stronger.

We will make use of Instagram analytics tool to track performance. Our team of professionals will provide you progress reports to check milestones and make sure that we are hitting your goals.